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Technology has transformed the way organizations conduct business. Today, more than ever, organizations depend heavily on information technology for the delivery of services and daily business operations. Your clients and partners entrust with their sensitive information, and upholding that trust is critical to the success and growth of your business. The delivery and continuation of business is tied closely to an organization deploying sound security practices. Regular and ongoing assessment of your network security posture is essential to ensuring an effective risk management plan is created and executed.

Timely communication can be invaluable during a penetration test. Therefore, we report on the spot significant exposures that must be dealt with to avoid compromise. A wash-up meeting is also possible at the end of testing day or at the end of the test, as desired. Vulnerability scanners do not cover latest industry attacks and techniques.


Cyber Security Assessment Services

Web/API Application Testing

Make sure that attacker can't steal data using your applications and move laterally in internal network.

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Mobile Application Testing

Android, iOS and cross platform we test them all.

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Infrastructure Testing

Test to see how your IT perimeter would hold up against intruders.

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Scenario-Based Simulation

Your security team can detect and prevent hacking attempts? Let's play together and train your security team in a Scenario-Based Testing.

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Red Team Operations

Red Team Operation, test your organization's preparedness to prevent, detect and respond to a targeted cyber-attack simulation.

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Social Engineering

Assess the ability of your organization's systems and staff to detect and respond to a real email phishing campaign.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Our vulnerability assessment service helps you better understand and manage your organization's cybersecurity risks by providing assistance in identifying, classifying, and mitigating them.

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Continuous Testing

Continuous penetration testing removes the artificial time constraints on security testing. We use a mix of machine automation and humans to detect change and perform testing.

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Cloud Security

Make sure your deployments are secure - including AWS, Azure and GCP.

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