Continuous Testing


How Continuous Penetration Testing Works

When our platform detects changes in the environment or new attack techniques are discovered, our consultants perform security testing. This modern testing approach can significantly improve enterprise security.


Our tools and methodologies are specifically designed for continuous testing and allow us to offer affordable services.

New threats emerge quickly

Our security testers regularly test your infrastructure to determine if the latest attacks could lead to a security breach.

  • Modern businesses always identify risks before attackers do.
  • Regularly testing the latest phishing tactics against employees increases security awareness.
  • Simulate various attacks used in the industry by threat actors.

Reduce exposure time

Our platform is an extension of your security team that helps your organization avoid real risks.

  • Vulnerabilities are reported in real time, not a year later.
  • Remediation actions can be effectively planned.
  • Customized reports for compliance and audits.

IT Changes trigger tests

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, we have developed a platform that monitors your external infrastructure and quickly detects changes or new threats.

  • Monitor your IPs, services, URLs, DNS and web technologies.
  • Event-driven solutions for your DevOps workflow.
  • Adding a new user to your organisation could lead to a security breach. We track leaks and notify you immediately.


How Continuous Penetration Testing Works.

Initial Test

In the first 90 days, an initial test is performed. This concentrated effort provides you with an overview of the current security situation and offers you added value in advance.

  • Step 01.

Start monitoring

The data from the first test serves as the basis for our monitoring infrastructure. We add domain names, IPs, ports, DNS records, usernames, and so on. After a short basic phase, our consultants start receiving alerts about changes and test accordingly.

  • Step 02.

Continuous testing

Penteor stays informed about the latest attack tactics and tests them against your systems. Throughout the year, people actively perform phishing tests and check if you are vulnerable to the latest exploits, malware, ransomware, and real threats.

  • Step 03.

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