Red Team Operations


Red Team Tests model real world attacks against an organization, challenging its defenses against electronic, physical, and social exploits. These engagements are designed to identify gaps in security practices and controls that are not readily apparent from conducting standard technical tests. Red Team Testing focuses on identifying potential damage that a determined, directed attacker could accomplish, and should serve as a tool to train defenders on identifying real indicators of active attacks.

Key benefits

Red Team Operations

Evaluate your reaction to the attack

Learn how prepared your organization is for a targeted attack designed to test the effectiveness of people and technology.

Identify and classify security risks

Learn if systems, data and other critical assets are at risk and how easily they can be targeted by attackers.

Uncover hidden vulnerabilities

By mirroring the latest adversary tactics, Red Teaming can help identify hidden vulnerabilities that attackers may try to exploit.

Fix identified vulnerabilities

Get critical post-operation support to address identified vulnerabilities and mitigate the risk of real-world attacks.

Improve the effectiveness of the blue team

By simulating a range of scenarios, red team testing helps your security team identify and close gaps in threat coverage and visibility.

Prioritize future investments

Better understand your organization's security weaknesses and ensure future investments deliver the greatest value.


Certified Offensive Security Consultants

Our Red Team projects are conducted only by consultants that are trained in Offensive Security way.

Proprietary tools

To simulate real life attackers our consultants use tools developed internally to achieve stealth and evade security solutions. Our tools emulate techniques used by sophisticated threat actors.

In-depth reporting

Post engagement report provides a complete overview of the exposed assets and how the exercise will continue.


Read Team Operations Methodology

Penteor Consultants adopt a systematic approach to test your organization's response capabilities.

1. Recon
2. Staging
3. Attack Delivery
4. Internal Compromise
5. Reporting and Analysis

Actionable outcomes to secure your business

Throughout testing window our consultants provide regular feedback to ensure that key stakeholders stay informed. After engagement is complete a report is delivered.

Executive summary

High-level overview of the red team operation for management teams

Expert Risk analysis

All security risks identified, their severity and possible impact

Technical details

Detailed technical description of each identified issue to enable technical teams to understand and replicate findings

Actionable intelligence

Strategic recommendations including clear advice on how to address identified risks.


Frequently asked questions about Red Team Operations

A Red Team exercise, conducted by a team of qualified ethical hackers, uses the latest hacking tools and techniques to launch a simulated cyber-attack designed to thoroughly test an organization's security resilience and threat detection and response capabilities.

The duration of a Red Team operation depends on the scope and objectives of the exercise. A full Red Team operation typically lasts one to two months. However, specific scenario-based operations with a narrower focus can be accomplished in 15-45 days. Shorter operations, such as those designed to simulate insider threats, are usually based on an assumed compromise.

A penetration test is a targeted form of cybersecurity assessment that aims to identify and exploit as many vulnerabilities as possible within a short period of time, often just a few days. Pen tests are often conducted to assess specific areas such as networks and web applications. A red team operation is an extended form of deployment that is conducted over a period of several weeks and is designed to achieve a specific goal, such as data exfiltration, while testing an organization's detection and response capabilities. Unlike many other forms of penetration testing, Red Team Operations are conducted using a black box methodology to ensure that deployments accurately reflect the modus operandi of real attackers.

Unlike real cyberattacks, Red Team Operations are designed to be non-destructive and non-disruptive. When you choose an Ethical Hacking Services provider accredited, you can be assured that all operations are conducted in accordance with pre-agreed rules of engagement and the highest technical, legal, and ethical standards.

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