Our Story

Penteor provides innovative software development and security services to companies in various industries around the world.

About us

Penteor was founded in 2005 by its founder, Cosmin Popescu, a passionate cyber security expert.

Our team of security experts specializes in security assessments and investigations. All our consultants are freelancers and they are capable of continuous education always keep up to date with the latest security trends and attack vectors. We believe that exceptional results can only be achieved through hard work and dedication.

Our mission

Our goal is to help organizations defend against cyberattacks by proactively uncovering their vulnerabilities. Based on our findings, our customers have the opportunity to fix their technical vulnerabilities before they are hit by real attackers, keeping them one step ahead of the hackers.

Based on years of experience and in-depth knowledge in many areas of IT security we provide high-quality services to address challenging security issues, ranging from proactive penetration testing to investigation of complicated incidents.


Choosing quality over quantity leads us down the straightest path to success and reliable results.


Deliveries are always made in the time promised.


Unethical activities are not encouraged and all of our consultants are screened for criminal background ("Background Check").

Meet our Leaders

Cosmin Popescu
Founder & CEO