Partner Program

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Global Partner Program

Partner with Penteor and Say Hello to Modern Security.

We are committed to a lasting, profitable relationship that will help you grow your business and provide value to your customers without the worry. Management process is handled by our in-house team. At Penteor, we have a partner-first mentality.

Building and maintaining a robust cybersecurity program is an ever-evolving challenge. Malicious attacks are becoming more complex and combating them is often not an option.

Why choose us as your Security Partner?

Learn from Industry Experts

We provide training materials to our partners to enhance your knowledge of the Penteor ecosystem. Get trained, certified, and benefit of our experience.

Earn a Referral Fee and Offer Discounts to your Customers

Penteor offers tiered referral fees and client discounts to its partners. The more we work together, the more the profit will increase!

Meet Your Customer Expectations

Penteor offers flexible and predictable costs with a scalable retainer model and unlimited retesting.

The Customer First

Penteor provides quick and clear communication between Consultants and Customers' security and technical teams to help them achieve their security goals.


Clearly defined Rules of Engagement will provide a predictable path to Partner profitability.


Penteor and our Partners will define mutually beneficial goals, considering each other responsible through business planning, field execution and continuous training.

Be part of Penteor team