Vulnerability Assessment


The objective of a vulnerability assessment is to validate host configurations and produce a list of known vulnerabilities existing on in-scope systems. The testing is limited to relatively safe checks designed to limit any negative impact in risk-averse environments.


A technical network security assessment aims to identify critical vulnerabilities in your network that an attacker could exploit. Any networked device can be tested, including firewalls, routers or other network infrastructure devices, intrusion detection and prevention systems, web servers, email systems, virtual private networking (VPN) systems, etc. We will use a combination of automated and manual scans using commercial and publicly available tools as well as scripts and applications we have developed.

Key benefits

Vulnerability Assessment

Identifies assets at risk

Let us help you identify the systems, applications and data that are most at risk of attack.

Validates the adequacy of security controls

Benefit from a review of how well your internal and external protections detect, mitigate, and defend against the latest threats.

Informs security investments

Understand which cybersecurity risks require the most attention and receive actionable guidance to best mitigate those risks.

Provides strategic advice

Get recommendations to help you protect your business now and in the future.

When a vulnerability assessment might be useful.

  • Before conducting a formal compliance audit.
  • When creating data and information security policies.
  • When planning an incident response strategy.
  • When procuring security products and services.

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